Ladies Lunch Fund Raiser

The St Raphael's Special School Parents Association held a Ladies Lunch at Becketts Restaurant, Leixlip on 16 June 2018 to raise funds for the school.  Thank you to everyone who attended the event which was a great success.

 Ladies lunch flyer Apr.18

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Snowy St Raphael's Special School

School snow 3.3.18

St Raphael's Special School had to close for four days in March 2018 due to severe snow and Storm Emma.  It is not often we see our school looking like this.

Snowman 6.3.18a

Pupils returned to school on Tuesday 6 March and found just enough snow left to build their own snowman.


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Donkeys at St Raphael's School Christmas Celebration

Xmas 8

St Raphael's Special School pupils held their Christmas celebration in St Raphael's Church on Tuesday 20 December 2016.  Parents and friends attended the church where pupils performed Christmas songs and acted out the Christmas story.  The finale of the celebration was when pupils from Class 10 sang Little Donkey and two real donkeys came to meet everyone outside the church.

Xmas 6

Xmas 11


Xmas 2

Xmas 15

xmas 4

Xmas 5

Xmas 7

Xmas 10

Xmas 13

Xmas 14

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Our Tag Rugby team play at Aviva Stadium

Paddy tagging

Some of the men and women from Kildare Services played for Barnhall Buffaloes at the Aviva stadium on Saturday 17 December 2016 during half-time of the Leinster v Northampton game. Congratulations to Paddy McNally, Joe Gannon, Sean Squires, Stephen Pwajok, Kieran O'Reilly, Eric Brazil and Caroline Rooney. 

Buffaloes lined up

These players are part of the Barnhall Buffaloes tag team supported by Shelly Breslin from Sport and Recreation at St Raphael's.  This is their second year to play at the Aviva.

Paddy in actionTraining will start again in May 2017 so if there are any service users who wish to join please contact Shelly in the Sports Department.

Stephen Paddy Kieran

Stephen Kieran Caroline Sean

MU Barnhall Buffaloes


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Pupils Create Christmas Scene from Recycled Materials

Xmas grotto 2

Pupils from Class 5 in St Raphael's School have helped create a magnificent Christmas grotto in front of their school using recycled materials.  Old pallets have become Christmas trees decorated with bottle tops, flower pots make small snowmen and old car tyres have become a life-size snowman.  

Xmas grotto 1

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